Skims Raises $270 Million at $4 Billion Valuation

Skims is a clothes brand that manufactures and retails undergarments and loungewear designed to enhance the body shape. In addition to shapewear, Skims has released many different collections including bodysuits, dresses, shorts, sweatpants, tops, hoodies, sweaters, and slides. Their products are designed with premium fabrics that prioritize breathability and softness. The company celebrates diversity by offering a wide range of sizes, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit.      

Skims has raised $270 million in a funding round, which has valued the company at $4 billion. That compares to a $3.2 billion valuation investors gave the startup last year. Skims is expected to generate sales of $750 million this year, up from $500 million last year.   

Skims, Culver City, California, United States, was founded in 2019 by American media personality, businesswoman Kim Kardashian. The company started as a seller of shapewear to help customers fit into body-hugging clothing and has expanded into an array of clothing categories, including loungewear and swimwear. In 2021, founder Kim Kardashian was given a “Brand Innovator” award for her work on Skims by Wall Street Journal Magazine’s Innovator Awards.

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