Tackle.io Raises $148 Million at $1.25 Billion Valuation for Tech Industry

Tackle.io is a cloud marketplace subscription platform that aims on helping its clients to generate revenue with the cloud marketplaces such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. The platform makes the listing process simpler. Also, there is no need to dedicate engineers to learning and managing the marketplaces aspects.

The funding round Series C was led by Coatue Management and Andreessen Horowitz. Bessemer Venture Partners also took part in the round. This round turned Tackle.io into a unicorn. The money raised is planned to use to scale the global team, accelerate the execution of the product roadmap, and expand the global presence.

Tackle.io, Idaho-based, was founded by Brian Denker, Dillon Woods, and John Jahnke (CEO) in 2016. As of now, the company has around 200 customers. Among them are CrowdStrike, Dell, GitLab, HashiCorp, Looker, McAfee, etc. With its zero-engineering approach, the company helps its clients to list, integrate and manage the Cloud Marketplace business. “At previous jobs, (I) found that it took several months with a couple of engineers dedicated to the task to get a product onto the AWS marketplace and noticed that it was a similar set of tasks each time.”, Dillon Woods, CTO says.

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