Infinitum Raises $185 Million

Infinitum Electric is a motor technology company that creates motors for various industries, from transportation to renewable energy systems. From using recycled materials in their products to implementing energy-saving measures in their production processes, Infinitum is truly dedicated to creating a more sustainable future.

Infinitum has secured $185 million in a Series E round led by Just Climate. “We believe replacing millions of outdated, single-speed motors with higher-efficiency, variable speed motors is key to helping the industrial sector meet sustainability objectives and solving the net zero challenge,” said Benoit Grobon, a director at Just Climate. “Infinitum’s motors are a disruptive, high-impact solution that can be produced at scale and easily implemented to benefit industry through reduced energy consumption and waste. We’re pleased to welcome Infinitum’s team to our portfolio of climate-focused companies and be a part of their growth journey.” The fresh funding will be used to expand the company and increase production. In total, Infinitum has raised $350 million till that moment.

Infinitum, Round Rock, Texas, United States, was founded in 2016 by Ben Schuler. With their innovative technology, commitment to sustainability, and community-driven approach, Infinitum is making a positive impact on the world. 

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