Seurat Technologies Raises $99 Million

Seurat Technologies is a 3D metal-printing startup that uses a combination of laser beams and metal powder to create high-quality metal parts. Seurat‘s technology produces multiple metals in a single print, eliminating the need for assembly and reducing production time and cost. With less material waste and energy consumption compared to traditional methods, Seurat is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing industry.

Seurat Technologies has raised $99 million in a Series C round led by NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture capital arm, and Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund. The new funding round includes participation from new investors Honda Motor and Cubit Capital, among others, as well as participation from previous investors, True Ventures, SIP Global Partners, Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Denso Global, General Motors Ventures, Maniv Mobility LP, and Xerox Ventures.

Seurat Technologies, Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States, was founded in 2015 by Erik Toomre and James DeMuth. “Our mission is to create a green manufacturing industry, with our additive manufacturing technology, our print factories will provide our customers with clean manufacturing that can compete with the volumes, quality, and price points of traditional manufacturing. This new funding will enable Seurat to unlock our next phase of growth, deploy our new machines and scale our factory capacity to meet current demands,” said Seurat CEO James DeMuth.

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