SuperOrdinary Raises $58 Million at $800 Million Valuation

SuperOrdinary is a consumer brand accelerator that empowers brands to navigate the complexities of scaling up and reaching new heights in various channels worldwide. The company offers comprehensive solutions to help brands overcome barriers and tap into the vast potential of international markets. Their team of seasoned experts carefully analyzes market trends, consumer behavior, and regulatory requirements to develop tailored strategies that maximize brand exposure and revenue growth.

SuperOrdinary has raised $58 million in Series B round, bringing the company’s valuation to over $800 million. Investors in the new funding round included Manzanita, Alliance Consumer Growth, Demira Gate Investments, Upper90, and SuperOrdinary founder and CEO Julian Reis.

SuperOrdinary, Los Angeles, California, United States, was founded in 2017 by Julian Reis. “We are thrilled to announce the closing of our Series B round and share our latest valuation, which brings us close to one of our day-one goals; becoming a unicorn company,” said SuperOrdinary Founder and CEO Julian Reis. “Despite the current market challenges in the US and China, we have continued to prove our value to brands across the globe, helping them scale via international expansion, creator economy partnerships, and Amazon growth, and we are excited to continue accelerating brands across a multitude of channels as a result of this new funding.”

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