OpenAI to Raise Funds at a Valuation of $80-$90 Billion

OpenAI is a private research and deployment company that develops and directs artificial intelligence in ways that benefit humanity as a whole. Originally, the company focused on developing AI and machine learning tools for video games and other recreational purposes. Less than a year after its official founding, OpenAI released its first AI offering, an open-source toolkit for developing reinforcement learning algorithms called OpenAI Gym. Later, OpenAI focused on more general AI development and AI research.

OpenAI is reportedly raising funds at a valuation of $80-$90 billion via sale of existing shares.

OpenAI, San Francisco, United States, was founded in 2015 by Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, Elon Musk, John Schulman, and Andrej Karpathy. OpenAI released the generative AI service ChatGPT at the end of November 2022. ChatGPT has been a certifiable hit, with more than 1 billion visitors to its website in February not including those using that tech via third parties.

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