TechMet Raises $200 Million

TechMet is a global critical minerals investment company. With a mission to ensure the availability of these essential resources, TechMet combines strategic investments, responsible mining practices, and innovation to meet the growing demands of the tech industry while fostering environmental and social responsibility.  Through comprehensive research and strategic partnerships, the company identifies projects that align with its commitment to sustainability. By investing in projects that adhere to strict environmental standards and promote responsible mining practices, TechMet aims to minimize ecological disruption and ensure the well-being of local communities.  

TechMet has closed its latest $200 million equity fundraising round. The fresh funding will be used to build and expand production, refining and recycling projects which enable the clean energy transition. Moreover, the new funding round puts TechMet on track to exceed a billion-dollar valuation in the next few months.  

TechMet, Dublin, Ireland, was founded in 2017 by Brian Menell. TechMet Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brian Menell, said: “We are grateful that we have such a strong shareholder base, and the US Government’s direct backing, as we deliver on our mission to build environmentally responsible supply chains for the metals needed for the clean energy revolution.”

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