Solaris Raises $42 Million at $1.6 Billion Valuation

Solaris is a fintech platform that enables other companies to offer their own financial services via APIs. The company operates as a licensed banking platform, providing a wide array of specialized banking services to its partners. By collaborating with various fintech startups, Solaris empowers them to offer their own financial products and services, allowing for a more personalized and customer-centric experience.

Solaris has picked up $41.8 million and intends to use the funding to scale up its banking-as-a-service business. The funding is coming in at a valuation of about $1.6 billion. Solaris describes the funding as the first close of its Series F. The round was led by BBVA, finleap, Lakestar, yabeo, SBI, Decisive and HV Capital.

Solaris, Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2016 by Andreas Bittner and Marko Wenthin. Currently, Solaris is considered Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service platform. The company collaborates with a wide range of fintech startups across various sectors, including banking, lending, asset management, and insurance.

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