Authentic Brands raises $500 million at $20 Billion Valuation

Authentic Brands Group is a brand management company which include numerous apparel, athletics, and entertainment brands, which it partners with other companies to license and merchandise. Currently, the company owns a portfolio of more than 40 iconic and world-renowned brands. Authentic connects brands with partners, distributors and retailers to build long-term value in the marketplace. With a unique approach to brand management and a portfolio of iconic brands, Authentic Brands is redefining the future of branding in the modern age.

Authentic Brands Group Inc. has raised $500 million from its existing growth-equity investor General Atlantic, bringing the private equity firm’s investment in the apparel chain operator to nearly $2 billion.

Authentic Brands Group, New York, United States, was founded in 2010 by James Salter. Authentic Brands is one of the most acquisitive buyers of apparel, consumer and celebrity brands. The company generates more than $25 billion in global annual retail sales across more than 40 brands.

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