Wingcopter Secures an Additional $44 Million

Wingcopter is Germany’s drone delivery startup. Wingcopter‘s drones are capable of vertical takeoff and landing, meaning they can take off and land in small spaces without the need for a runway. They are also equipped with a range of sensors, including GPS and obstacle avoidance, which allow them to navigate through complex environments and avoid collisions with obstacles.

Wingcopter has secured $44 million in financing from the European Investment Bank. The company intends to use the fresh funding to expand its hardware line and develop a new business in logistics and delivery services using a fleet of its drones. In total, Wingcopter has raised $110 million till that moment.

Wingcopter, Weiterstadt, Germany,was founded in 2017 by Ansgar Kadura, Jonathan Hesselbarth, and Tom Plümmer. One of the company’s most recent innovations is the Wingcopter 198, a delivery drone that can fly up to 75 miles on a single charge and deliver packages weighing up to 13 pounds. The drone is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, as well as rapid horizontal flight, making it ideal for delivering goods quickly and efficiently.

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