Stability AI Looks to Raise Funds at $4 Billion Valuation 

Stability AI is a company funding the development of open-source image-generating and music systems such as Stable Diffusion and Dance Diffusion. Stable Diffusion, launched in August 2022, is a free open-source text-to-image generator. As of now, it has been downloaded and witnessed licensing by more than 200 000 developers worldwide.

The parent company of Stable Diffusion, an AI tool for making digital images, is seeking to raise money at a valuation of about $4 billion. The amount of money Stability AI intends to raise in the potential round is undisclosed.

Stability AI, San Francisco, USA, was founded by Emad Mostaque in 2019. The company became a unicorn in October 2022. Stability Al inspires global creativity and innovation, activates humanity’s potential by maximizing the accessibility of modern AI. Since launching the AI initiative in 2021, Stability AI has amassed a community of over 140,000 developers and seven research hubs all over the world.

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