Cohere in Talks to Raise Funding at $6 Billion Plus Valuation

Cohere is an innovative platform that gives developers and businesses access to NLP, powered by the latest generation of easy-to-deploy large language models. The company develops language models for content moderation, analysis, and chatbot, which helps to improve human-machine interactions. The startup has created a platform that can be used in different libraries that fit in every stack.

Cohere is in talks to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in a funding round that could bring the company’s valuation to over $6 billion. Currently, the company’s funding status is undisclosed. Cohere intends to introduce a new dialog model that will allow enterprise users to generate text and interact with the model to refine the output.

Cohere, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was founded by former Google Alphabet researchers Aidan Gomez, Ivan Zhang, and Nick Frosst in 2019. Cohere is the latest in a series of AI tech startups that have raised billions in funding. “Our chat models focus more on business-related tasks like answering questions than writing poetry. We don’t intend to make them available to everyone for free and indefinitely,” Aidan Gomez said. “We want to build a healthy and sustainable business.”

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