Airtable Raises $735 Million at $11 Billion Valuation for Tech Industry

Airtable is a company that offers its clients a platform for creating and sharing relational databases in an easy way. Airtable assists in flexible checklist creation, collections organization, and customers management. Moreover, there is a variety of templates that allow users to build up their own applications without coding experience.

The Series F round was led by New York City-based XN. Among new investors were Franklin Templeton, Salesforce Ventures, and Michael Dell’s MSD Capital. Existing investors, Benchmark, Coatue, D1 Capital Partners, and Thrive Capital, also took part in the round.

Airtable, from San Francisco, was launched in 2013 by Andrew Ofstad, Emmett Nicholas, Howie Liu (CEO). The company’s mission is to make complex systems of software more user-friendly so that people with no prior coding experience can easily build apps and workflow. For this purpose, Airtable creates low-code and no-code software. The low code became more popular in a pandemic when different organizations needed to develop online offerings fast. Airtable has more than 300 000 clients, among them are such clients as Netflix and Shopify. “We think this is a huge category. Almost every single knowledge worker could be a customer of Airtable in the future,” Howie Liu said.

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