Sierra Space Raises $1.4 Billion at $4.5 Billion Valuation for Commercial Space Industry

Sierra Space is a Sierra Nevada Corporation, private aerospace contractor, subsidiary. The main Sierra Space projects that are under development are the Dream Chaser spaceplane and the Orbital Reef space (in partnership with Blue Origin) station.

In the recent round General Atlantic, Coatue Management, Moore Strategic Ventures, BlackRock, and AE Industrial Partners took part. The biggest part of the new capital will be used for the Dream Chaser spaceplane development, another part will be spent on space destination products such as the Orbital Reef.

Sierra Space was founded in April 2021 as an independent commercial space company. Sierra Nevada Corporation was founded by Fatih Ozmen (CEO), Eren Ozmen. The CEO of Sierra Space is Tom Vice. The company’s first project is the Dream Chaser spaceplane for low Earth orbit for cargo delivery. It is planned to launch Dream Chaser at the end of 2022. The second is the Orbital Reef space station has been developed with Blue Origin, Boeing, Redwire Space, and Genesis Engineering. “Our real focus at Sierra Space is to become the largest real estate developer in space,” Tom Vice said.

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