Mythical Games Raises $150 Million at $1.25 Billion Valuation for Video Games Industry

Mythical Games is not only a game developer, but moreover a developer of a platform for designing blockchain games, games that use non-fungible tokens, and play-to-earn model. This model implies selling digital assets earned when playing.

The led investor of funding round Series C was Andreessen Horowitz. Cryptocurrency exchange companies – Binance and FTX – took part in the round. Besides, several related to sports companies such as 32 Equity (NFL), Jonathan Kraft and The Kraft Group, Michael Gordon, Michael Jordan & Curtis Polk invested.

Mythical Games, the USA, was founded by Cameron Thacker, Chris Downs, Jamie Jackson, John Linden (CEO), Rudy Koch in 2018. Mythical Games focuses on new generation games with true ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary market. “As gamers and collectors, ourselves, we believe players should have tangible assets that they earn and buy.”, says John Linden. The first game is Blankos Block Party that is developed in partnership with Creative Mobile, CCG Lab, and Abstraction Games.

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